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The deposition of Wm. M. Cabiness taken agreeable to notice on the 6th day of April 1843 at the tobacco Factory of William M Cabaniss in the County of Halifax to be read as evidence in a suit now depending in the Circuit Superior Court of law and chancery for the County of Halifax in which John R. Bennett & wife are plaintiffs and Francis L Royall defendant. The deponent being first sworn according to law deposeth & saith that he thinks in the spring 1835 He applied to Abner C Shelton to pay a bond he held on him & Francis L Royall for about Sixty Dollars which bond had been due several years. Mr. Shelton said he could not pay it then, but would either do it himself soon or get Mr Royall to do it in his absence, Mr Royall shortly afterwards paid me fifty Dollars which I gave him a receipt for saying in part bond which I now feel confident was paid on that bond of about sixty dollars the bond is not now before me and I cannot say what the exact amount is or the exact date of the Receipt, Sometime after Mr Shelton's death Mr Royall paid me the balance of said bond & I gave him a receipt on the bond in full payment of bond. My impression now is that he only Paid the balance due on the Sixty Dollar bond, being about Twenty Dollars. My Reason for thinking that the fifty Dollars paid in 1835 was in part of the Sixty dollars bond is, I have no recollection that Shelton owed my any other bond at the time or afterwards. And I cannot think that Mr Royall paid me the whole of the bond and interest when I gave the receipt on the bond because he paid me the fifty Dollars himself, though it had been sometime and I cannot say positively he did not though if he did it must be wrong, for I do not now See or recollect