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The deposition of Philip Howerton taken at the tavern house of Nathaniel Poindexter at Halifax Courthouse in the County of Halifax on the 23 day of August 1841 between the rising & setting sun of that ay according to notice duly given to be read as evidence in a suit now pending on the chancery side of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Halifax in which Eliza M. Bennett adm'x of Abner C Shelton and John R. Bennett adm'r. in right of his wife are plaintiffs & Frances L. Royall is defendant. this deponent being first sworn according to law deposes & says. That in 1837 there was a Capr. ii Eliza M. Shelton adm'x. of A. C. Shelton in favor of Hy B. Williams [illegible] out of the county court of Halifax and was put in the hands of Dana N. Harris Ds. to execute, which he did and returned the sd. writ to me, stating that the had rec'd. $55. which he paid over to Thos. S. Flournoy the atto for Williams. and the rect now before me for that amount, pd. by F L Royall to sd. Harris dated Nov 18th 1837 and signed by David N Harris is in the hand writing of sd Harris as to his signature. This deponent further says that Fr. L. Royall did on the 22d day Feb 1836 pay to him the sum of one dollar and fifty cents which A. C. Shelton was indebted to him for the boarding of a horse a further this deponent sayeth not Phil Howerton the foregoing deposition of Philip Howerton taken subscribed & sworn to before me a justice of the peace of Haliax County at the time & place in the caption mentioned.

Given under my hand this 23d August 1841.

James Mealy, JP.