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by them to said estate for the proceeds of the sale of the slaves Melvina & child and Mima made at Halifax Co Ho. Va. on the 27th. September 1847, and the Court being of opinion that the condition of the estate of the decedent of the Defd't did not make it necessary to sell the said Melvina & child and that therefore he is to be held accountable for the value of said slaves at the time they were sold to Richard Stewart by the firm of which he was a partner - and being also of opinion that while it may have been proper for the said defendant on the said 27th. September 1847 to sell the slave Mima yet in as much as she came into the possession of a firm of which the said defendant was a partner he should be held accountable for his share of the profits arising from the sale of said slave Mima.

 And being of opinion that it is proved that Melvina & child were sold to said

Richard Stewart for the sum of either $1000, or $1050 doth fix upon $1025 as the value of said negroes at that time and doth ascertain $37.50 as the defendants share of the profit made upon Mima.

 And having caused a statement to be made as aforesaid based upon the principles herein

stated from which it appears that after deducting all expenses incurred in carrying said negroes to the south and the amounts due to said Major from the said estate and charging him