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(3) with the price of Melvina & child received from Richard Stewart and the amount received from the sale of Mima at Halifax Co Ho and his share of the profit arising from the sale of Mima - there is a balance due to the plaintiffs of $1685.20 as of 1 Oct. 1857 of which $1085.05 is principal and doth therefore adjudge order and decree that the defendant Samuel B. Major administrator as aforesaid do pay to James T. Roark - Christopher C. Roark and Bettie E. Roark each the sum of $421.30 with interest on $271.26 part thereof from the 1st. day of October 1857 till paid and that he do also pay to John E Pugh and Martha A, his wife the like sum of $421.30 with interest on $270.26 part thereof from the 1st. day of Oct 1857 till paid. And the Court doth further adjudge order & decree that the said defendant do pay to the plaintiffs their costs by them about their suit in this behalf expended. Where any money is by this decree directed to be paid to infants the Court doth order that the same be paid to their proper guardians

 On Motion of enter first John E. Pugh who has intermarried with Martha A. Roark since the last hearing it is ordered that this suit be proceeded in hereafter in the names of said Pugh & wife and then