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Roark by &c vs Major Decree at Oct term 1859 This day this cause came on to be further heard on the papers formerly read. The report of Comr. Green made in pursuance of the order of May term 1858 with exceptions thereto by the plaintiffs and defendant and was argued by counsel. On consideration whereof the Court doth sustain the exception of the plaintiff to so much of said report as charges the estate of Eleanor Compton in the settlement of the administration account of the defendant with the sum of $48.40 principal paid to Thos. H. Averett executor and doth overrule the other exceptions of said plaintiffs and sustaining all the exceptions of the defendant amounting to $135.00 of principal charged to said defendant in his account aforesaid and having caused statements to be made by Comr. Green marked (XL) (XM.) & (XN.) from which it appears that after reforming - the account of the defendant as admr. of E. Compton in accordance with the opinion of the Court upon said exceptions that there was a balance due the defendant as admr. of $91.45 principal and $51.08 interest on the 1st of October 1857 after taking out of the account settled by comrs. Green and Terry all credits allowed