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THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, To the Sheriff of Halifax County, Greeting: We command you that of the goods and chattels of Elenor Compton, Jno R Roark & Mary his wife formerly Mary Compton, Littleberry E Adams Admr of Martha Adams decd formerly Martha Compton (and the wife of the said Littleberry E Adams) & Elisha Barksdale Jr late in your bailiwick, you cause to be made the sum of $23.84 which James Young Administrator of Caleb Compton dec'd lately in our Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Halifax, hath recovered against them by a decree of Said Court in Chancery for his Costs by him expended about his defence in a certain suit thereon depending between the said Elenor Compton &c Pltff and James Young adm for defendants, whereof the said Elenor Compton &c are convict, as appears to us of record; and that you have the same before the Judge of our said Court at the Clerks office thereof, on the first Monday in July next to render unto the said James Young admr &c of the costs aforesaid and have then there this writ. Witness, WILLIAM HOLT, Clerk of our said Court, this 14th day of May 1845 and in the 69th year of the Commonwealth. [signature] Wm Holt