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(3) An account of the indebtedness of Eleanor Compton at the time that S.B. Mayor the [illegible] sold the negroes in the proceeding mentioned [illegible] on the 27th of Sept 1847 1847 Sept 27 Amt of balance due James Young [illegible] of Caleb Compton died on sundry executions against Eleanor Compton + others on the 4th Dec. 1846 as per [station?] [illegible] Young (E.C.) $148.04 [But?] from [illegible] 46 which day last calculation of [illegible] was made to present date (27th Sept 1847) $8.07 Amt of [illegible] P. [Edmundson's?] [illegible] against [betratrix] for wood 11.00 Amt of [illegible] C. Chumneys [illegible] 1.50 Amt of J.B. Slovalls [illegible] due July 1845 4.00 Just on same as above- Amt of Edmund B. [illegible] the 1st Jany 1846 8.50 Just on same as above- Amt of Easley Carrington [illegible] due 1st Mch [illegible] 22.53 Just as above Amt of [illegible] due same per [illegible] - 1st Mch 1846 for articles bought 14th [illegible] 1845 3.88 Just on same as above- Amt of Taxes [illegible] Tickets [illegible] 18.93 Amt of bond to James Young due 4th Sept 1843 46.36 Just as above- Amt of bond to [illegible] from 1st Jany 1843 20.13 Just on same as above-