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State of Alabama Montgomery March 30th 1843 The following memorandum shall serve as a basis to found a settlement between Saml M Puckett & B. W. Walker (Viz) whereas V. M. Puckett has put into the hand of B. W. Walker a large amt of property both real & personal for which he holds Watkins receipts and where as the said Walker has at different times let the said Puckett have various sums of money of his own & also money raised by the sale of portions of the property it is agreed that so soon as Walker can make out his account that he will do so & shall account to Puckett for all the property sold at the price obtained for it & return what is on hand; the real estate first so that if Puckett shall be indebted to Walker he shall make payment in negroes. The turns on which the property was placed in the hands of Walker was as follows, Puckett & Walker agreed to become equal partners in trade and planting form an indefinite period Walker was to sell enough of the property to reimburse what money he had advanced to relieve the property; the expenses were to be equally divided; the profits equal & the loss equal. Walker was not to be allowed anything for his services but was to have the management of the concerns Now whereas distrust and dissatisfaction has arisen we agree to settle & dissolve the concerns the negroes & other personal property on hand are all to be put on the plan under William Hogan (known as the Thomas & McIver place and worked this year & Charles S Lucas is to be considered in possession of all & also agrees to stand security for B. W. Walker that they shall not be removed without Puckett consent & William Hogan is to continue to oversee them and agrees to stand security for Puckett that he will not remove them until said settlement is completed but Walker is in nowise to refuse or to delay the settlement beyond the year 1843 but shall go into it whenever called on by said Puckett allowing time to fetch from Jackson Miss such Books & papers as are indeed to elucidate the same. It being distinctly understood that the judgement vs McKinstry Puckett & co shall not included in the settlement without Puckett consent he having paid the same to Thomas J Coffin before said Walker purchased it which was known to Walker at the time of the said purchase from Arthur &