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Ca. Sa. No. 11421 John L. Harris versus Samuel M Puckett Judgement $6850.00 Interest from 1 March 1841 Cost $12.93 3/4 Affidavit having been made by T. H Elmore plaintiffs agent that defendant has fraudulently conveyed his estate or effects and of the amount of the debt The sherrif will arrest the defendant according to the exigency of this con't MM Armstrong [clk?] Plaintiff's Attorney John A. Elmore Clerk's Fees. Issuing Writ and Cop 68 3/4 Docketing Cause 12 1/2 Entering Sheriff's Return 12 1/2 Entering Appearance 12 1/2 Filing Pleadings 12 1/2 Affidavit certified Commission to take Deposition Cop of Interrogator Filing Deposition Order in Court Issuing Subpoena Cop Continuance 06 1/ Swearing Jury 62 1/2 Entering up Judgment 18 3/ Issuing 4 Execution 2.00 Docketing Execution 12 2 Taxing Cost and 4 Cop 1.25 Entering Sheriff's Return on 4 Execution 50 Making Complete Record 2.00 Bond for Cost Issuing Scire Facia Cop Certificate 25 Filing Attachment $8.18 3/4 Sheriff's Fees Entering and Returning Writ 25 Serving Writ 1.00 Leaving Cop 25 Taking Bail Bond Serving Subpoena Leaving Cop Returning the same Serving Scire Facia Leaving Cop Empanneling Jury 25 Entering and Returning 4 Execution 1.00 Forthcoming Bond Entering and Returning Attachment Levying Attachment Taking Replevy Bond $2.75 Recapitulation Clerk's Fees 8.18 3/ Sheriff's Fees 2.75 Attorney's Fee County Tax 2.00 Jury Fee Witness' Fees 12.93 3/4 M M Armstrong [clk?] [written vertically down the left side of the page] Rec'd in office 7th January 1823-B. WBell [shffan,c?] Executed this Ca Sa by [anesting?] the body of Samuel M Puckett and he rendered a schedule of his estate & effects according to law, of which the plff's attorney had due notice & not controverting the same or