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Bowles v North } The provision of the acts of Assembly which we [suppose?] would be violated by executing the will of the testator as he designed it, on the following. 1st 6h:111 § 61 Ric'd [Goode?] 1. Vol. p. 436 which provides that emancipated slaves shall leave the commonwealth within 12 months. If [these?] slaves are emancipated, they must leave the commonwealth,, and therefore cannot be hired, and receive their hire, as the testator directs. If they are emancipated they cannot be subjected to the [controul?] of any hires. They are free persons and may act for themselves. If they are not emancipated, then [being?] [illegible], the devise in their favor is utterly void. They can [maintain?] no action, Can neither [sue?] or be [sued?] at law or in Equity. 2 - Same ch §80.81.82 1 vol. p. 442-443. These sections show clearly that the law does not allow of quasi slavery. Slaves must be really so. They are not to be permitted to go at large. and trade as freemen, nor are they to be permitted to hire themselves out. If these persons are to be retained here as slaves [be hired?] to masters of their own choosing, receive their own hire, and have these privileges extended to their offspring [margin note: Bowles v North note of acts of assembly]