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The law requiring slaves, emancipated after a certain date, to leave the Commonwealth there is no evidence of this in the will. For aught that appears, the testators might have believed that the laws of the Commonwealth forbid the emancipation of slaves wholly and in such a case as this is, the court will not defeat the intention of the testator at on mere conjecture, But supposed such was the object the court will defeat the intention so far only as if is against law. By law slaves may be emancipated, but emancipated slaves must leave the Commonwealth within a certain time. The testators emancipates his slaves and by certain provisions attempted to evade the law which forbids them to remain in the state, this latter attempt only is illegal and this only will the court counter act. The negro hope that the Court will declare them to be free. They are prepared to comply with the law. They prefer freedom in a foreign state to slavery in this where they were born and where all to whom they are known aside. W.L.J. B Robertson vs North Note of the counsel of Bowles + wife Oct 25