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Whereas Robert Benntory, deceased, late the county of Bedford by his late wife and [illegible], duly met corded in the county. Courting Bedford did direct that two servant girls, by the names of Jenetta and Myrthilla, should be hired out and that they should [illegible] the benefit of their heir until they could be [illegible] by the courts of the state of Virginia; and whereas it is [illegible] to make an of publication to the [illegible] of Virginia for their emancipation under the write aforesaid. In order therefore to for their the [illegible] I William Robertson of the state of Kentucky, who intermarried with the daughter of the said Robert Burton, do give my free consent and approbation to the emancipation of the said Jenetta & Myrthilla. It's [illegible] any hand and seal they 23rd day of Oct 1819 Best A Robertson M Robertson (seal) M Radford