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the way that I did - that you thought their was greater risk in trusting a man that has show so little [illegible] in the management of his own affairs, or something to [illegible] [illegible]. Answer. I think such a conversation did take place. Question by the same. Did I not then state to you that I had great hopes that Mr. Powell would reform, and that by giving his employment, would be most likely to keep him out of the way of temptation. Answer. you did and I was agreeably disappointed to find Mr. Powell did lay aside his former habits. Question by the same. Was you not in 1812 engaged in the Mannagement of a Store in New Glasgow, in which you and myself was [illegible], and did I not propose to you to take Mr. Powell into the slow, at a Gallery of two Hundred dollars and he to find his own Board washing and lodgings, stating to you that I had not employment for him that would justify me in paying him wages. Answer. I was engaged in 1812 as you state, and I think you made some such proposition to me. Question by the same. Did you not object to taking Mr. Powell into the store untill I agreed to pay One uUndred dollars