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4 I do not now recollect, the House was old and out of repair somewhat, but suppose that Forty or Fifty Dollars was not too high for a house in New Glasgow per year - at that time. I suppose that the charge of $100 for two years rent on a/c No. 2. is not unreasonable, the plaintiff since that time has rented a house & Lot, in good repair of less size for Eighty Dollars per annum. Question by the same. As you commenced with me in February 1818 about Six months before I sold out my [Mananble?] establishment in New Glasgow, I do not know that you have any knowledge of the Dtts family getting their supply of fire wood from the store, if anything upon that subject comes within your recollection, please to state it. Answer. I commenced business for you Feby 2d 1818, and you sold out your store the 1st June 1818 I believe during the short time that the store had use for wood after I commenced business it, I have frequently seen this Defendants negro get wood from the supply of wood intended for the store. Question by the same. Have you any knowledge of the charges made against the Dft in Account No. 2. for Blacksmiths Work amt to $3.75, $11.59 and $1.50 state how you knew on this subject whether the Dft did not work a plantation near my shop and whether you think the amount charged unreasonable, whether my shop is not kept by a Negro, and as you have had much to do with his accounts whether you have not found them generally correct. Answer. the charges for shoeing Horses Sept 26, 1820, Oct the 20th 1820 for plating horses were entered originally by me and all the items which form the sum of $11.59 were orinally [sic] charged by me Except the charge for shoeing Horse the 6th Dec'r 1821 $1.25 and sharpening 2 Grubbing the 24th Decr 1821 17 cents, no part of the sum of $150 were originally charged by me, the Deft Powell did work a plantation in the neighborhood of your Blacksmith shop, your shop is kept by a negro, of excellent character