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Virginia At a Superior court of Chancery holden at the town of Lynchburg the 17th day of October 1826. David S Garland...Plt against Cornelius Powell and Charles Perrow … Defts This cause came on this day to be heard on the bill, answers exhibits and examinations of witnesses and was argued by counsel: on consideration whereof the court doth refer the accounts between the parties to one of its Commissioners who is directed to examine state and settle the same and make report thereof to the court, with any matters specially stated thought pertinent by himself or which may be required by the parties to be so stated A Copy Teste John Wills ck In pursuance of the foregoing order your commissioner on the 23d day of December 1826 issued his notice to the parties that he had appointed the fifth day of April following to carry the said order into effect (A Copy of which notice is herewith filed marked A) On which day the plaintiff attended and the marshall having returned on the notice that the defendant Powell is not an inhabitant of this commonwealth on the application of the plaintiff this cause was continued until 14th day of May following to give the plaintiff an opportunity of publishing the notice as to that defendant on which day the commissioner continued this cause until the 11th day of September following on which day neither of the parties attended but your commissioner proceeded to examine the record and not having time to finish the case it was adjourned until the next day From the examination made by your commissioner he begs leave to submit to your honor the following report