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Corporation of Lynchburg Sct. This day John D. Urquhart of lawful age came before me [blank] an alderman in and for said Corporation, and made oath (at the request of Mr. James Bullock.) that the debt due by the said Urquhart to the defendant Achilles M. Haden, (named in the bill of Injunction about to be submitted to the Chancellor of the Lynchburg District) is usurious, & submits the following statement - That about the last of November 1827 this affiant having a note due at the Farmers' Bank of Virginia at Lynchburg, applied to Achilles M Haden for the amount that is to say $230, who agreed to let him have it on what the said Haden said was his usual Terms five per cent a month - accordingly this affiant and his endorser Charles V. Johnston went into the office of said Haden, who filled up a note for $260 at 60 days payable at the aforesaid Bank which was signed by this affiant and endorsed by said Johnston for which this affiant received but $237 of said Haden when the said not became due this affiant still being unable to pay the money, & the said Johnston being about to go to the Western Country on business, this affiant made an arrangement with Anselm L Haden, the brother and agent of Achilles M Haden, to this effect - that if he would extend the note 30 days, (when this affiant expected to get the money) he would give a pledge on his boy George and this being agreed to (instead of Mr. Johnston's endorsement), the note was taken out of Bank by said Anselm S. Haden, and the additional 5 per Cent a month was calculated, & the note and papers given as security & so expressed. The note was afterward again renewed for 15 days by said Anselm S Haden, as agent for Achilles M. Haden, & the paper given as a pledge was also renewed at the same time, so that the