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Harriet B Brewer Guardian of Jesse B Brewer agt Wm. N. Ivey co obliger with Robert R Butt } App: {Jud?] June Supr Ct 1840 Executed [per?] the defendant in exoneration of his body tendered property to wit: negro man Sam, which property was restored upon his entering into and acknowledging a forthcoming bond with Thomas Williams as security, which bond has been forfeited and is herewith returned. R.G. Baylor Shff. Deed on F. C. Bond agt Williams only Nov Supr Ct 1840 Execution issued 28 Nov 1840 returnable to Feby rules 1841 Executed [per?] the deft committed to prison who was released by giving a prison bound bond with Wm. Lambert & Moses Bonney, securities which bond is filed in execution of Williams v Williams and the deft was afterwards released by delivering up several negroes & afterward satisfied & paid as per receipt of plts attorney hereon. R. G. Baylor Shff Amt: $119.28 Int from Feby Rules 1841 Extracts Teste Arthur Emmerson CC