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[left side of page] and if so what was he about? Answer. I saw him several times and he was superintending and helping to haul the timber out of the Woods.

Question by same. Whose oxen were employed in getting lumber in] these Woods? Answer. I don't know. Cross examining by Counsel of Defense.

Question. How long has it been since you saw these hands getting Timber? Answer. About eleven years. Wm Malberg The Deponent Jesse R Fentress having been duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposes and says -

Question by Plaintiff's counsel - Were you acquainted with a negro woman named Amy, if yea - what was the possible value at the time of Sale?

Answer. I knew her. I suppose the probable value to be Three hundred Dollars.

Question by same. Were you acquainted with the child Ned? Answer. I was. Question by same. What was his probable value on the day of Sale aforesaid?

Answer. I suppose about One hundred Dollars.

Question were you acquainted with a piece of Land called Bank's and sold under the same deed? Answer - I was.

Question by same. [right side of page]

What do you think was the real value of said land on the day of Sale?

Answer. I cannot rate, but I suppose about Eighteen hundred Dollars.

Question by same. Will you describe the valuation and advantages of the Land?

Answer. I dont know the number of Acres, it was very convenient to Water, and to the market, and about 4 miles from the City of Norfolk.

Question by same. Did you have any conversation with Miles Portlock respecting a negro boy named Bill mentioned in said deed of Trust? If so, state when and the purport of it?

Answer. I was in Portsmouth on a court day in 1843 or 4 and saw an Advertisement at the door of William's property, a negro boy Bill, in a day or two afterwards I saw Mr. Portlock and I asked him how he could get hold of William's property and I could not. I had an execution against Williams long before Portlock had become his security. Portlock told me that Williams would pay for the Boy, and if he was in my place, he would [buy?] on execution [for?] him. I went to [illegible] and got the