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executor [illegible] and came to Norfolk and met Mr. Portlock in the market and was telling him about it, and with Mr Tabb the Dep Sheriff in the market - he refused to take the execution & told me the negro was Ivy's property. I went round to Mr Portlock and told him what Mr Tabb said and Portlock replied it was no more Mr Ivy's property than his, then Portlock pointed me out [illegible] and the [illegible]. Mr. Portlock and myself exert in to [illegible] and said Portlock named to me 2 or 3 more negroes of William's property which were afterwards sold under a deed and Trust to Ivy.

Question by same. did you ever have any connection with the defendant Ivy respecting the debt due to him by Williams? if so - state when and the purport of it?

Answer. about the same time I had a conversation with Mr. Portlock I had a conversation with Mr Ivy. He said he and Mr Williams would have a settlement before he left town and I should get my money.

Question by same. Did you understand from Mr. Ivy in that conversation that he made any objection to your [illegible] upon Bill to satisfy your Execution?

Answer. None at all. Cross examined by Defendant's Counsel.

Question. Have you not given your note to the Counsel of Williams for their fee or a part of it in the present suit?

Answer. Yes. I have given my note for fifty Dollars to Mr M Jones for his fee & Mr Williams gave him Mr M Jones' note for Sixty Dollars as collateral Security.

Question by same. In giving this note were you [illegible] by motive of friendship to Mr Williams? Answer. No Sir. Question by same. What was your motive?

Answer. Because Mr. Charles could not take Mr. Williams note for security.

Question by same. Are you intimate with Mr Williams?

Answer. Yes Sir.

Question by same. Have you a high respect for him?

Answer. I respect him as much as the general run of people.

Question by same. Have you conversed with him frequently about his controversy with Ivy