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Answer. No [illegible] Question by same. How long had you been acquainted with the negro woman [illegible] at the time she was sold?

Answer. I [illegible] to visit Williams house and had not seen her some time before the Sale, but I saw her on that day.

Question by same. What was her age?

Answer. I dont know.

Question by same. Was she a healthy & sound woman?

Answer. I know nothing to the contrary.

Question by same. When had you seen the boy Ned of whom you have spoken?

Answer. I have not seen him for 6 months.

Question. What was his age?

Answer. I dont know.

Question by same. Were you present at the Sale made by Col [illegible] as Trustee for Ivy and Williams?

Answer. I was.

Question by same. Was the sale a Public one? free to all bidding?

Answer. I [that?] it was. A good many persons were at the Sale and I heard no objection to anyone bidding.

Question by same. Did you see anything unfair at the Sale and was not Williams himself present?

Answer. Mr Williams was himself present all that I thought was unfair but I dont know it was unfair: when the woman was put up the child was not present. Mr. Portlock made a bid then Mr. J. T. Jones. I saw Mr. Williams go out with Mr. Jones and whispered to Mr Jones and he bid no more, then Mr. Portlock bid - Further Depositions by consent of parties deferred by Friday at 11 A.M. Met today 3rd September agreeably to adjournment and proceeding to take further depositions The Deponent Col William P Hall having been duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposes and says. Question by Plaintiff - State if you know anything of Lumber got in Cook's Woods by Williams and Ivy?

Answer. I know there was some Lumber got by Williams and Ivy in Cook's Woods, about the year 1836. Mr Williams & Mr Ivy called upon me to put up a chimney & Roof on a log Kitchen in Cook's Woods. When it was finished, I met Williams and Ivy together. Capt Ivy said he would pay Mr. Fountain (who had been engaged along with me doing the work) and Mr Williams would pay me, as he Ivy & Williams