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were partners. I also know that Williams & Ivy hands were employed together getting Lumber, Mr Williams Oxen & Mr Ivy's Oxen were engaged in hauling our the Lumber and Mr Ivy's Oxen staid with Mr William's oxen, the hand engaged were about 12 in number; about 4 or 5 months and further this deponent saith not. William P Hall The Deponent Grant being duly sworn deposes & says - Question by Plaintiff - State what you know of a partnership between Thos Williams & Mr Ivy in getting Lumber in Cook's Woods. Answer. I know nothing about a bargain between Williams & Ivy, but I know that William's hands and Ivy's hands were engaged in getting lumber together in Cook's Woods between 9 & 11 years ago and was there [illegible] ones. I do not know how long these hands were employed. I know they were at work together in getting Lumber and further the deponent saith not. [Frank?] Grant The Deponent Josiah T Jones being duly sworn deposes & says. Question by Plaintiff State