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were partners. I also know that Williams & Ivy hands were employed together getting Lumber, Mr. Williams Oxen & Mr Ivy's Oxen were engaged in hauling our the Lumber and Mr. Ivy's Oxen staid with Mr William's oxen, the hand engaged were about 12 in number; about 4 or 5 months and further this deponent saith not.

William P. Hall

The Deponent Grant being duly sworn deposes & says -

Question by Plaintiff - State what you know of a partnership between Thos Williams & Mr Ivy in getting Lumber in Cook's Woods.

Answer. I know nothing about a bargain between Williams & Ivy, but I know that William's hands and Ivy's hands were engaged in getting lumber together in Cook's Woods between 9 & 11 years ago and was there [illegible] ones. I do not know how long these hands were employed. I know they were at work together in getting Lumber and further the deponent saith not. [Frank?] Grant

The Deponent Josiah T. Jones being duly sworn deposes & says.

Question by Plaintiff State what you know of a conversation between Miles Portlock & Jesse R. Fentress or between yourself and Miles Portlock relative to a negro named Bill levied on by Fentress as the property of Thos. Williams?

Answer. The conversation alluded to both places between myself & Mr Portlock. Mr. Portlock stated to me that Mr Williams owed him a debt and that he levied on boy Bill put him in Jail & made the range and then stated that now was Mr. Fentress' chance to make his money and the only chance as well as I can recollect, he gave the name of the boy and put him in Jail after that it was talked about that Cap Ivy would sue for the Boy. I waited upon Capt Ivy myself and asked if he claimed this Boy. He stated that he could not say anything about it at that time, as he did not know how he and Mr Williams stood stated at the same time that he did not think there would be much trouble about it. The boy was levied upon immediately after this conversation with Miles Portlock; and the conversation with Ivy and shortly after while the Boy was in jail on that execution.

Question to same. Were you present at a Sale in Portsmouth by Col Millson Trustee