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Answer. The general impression was caused by the conduct of Thos. Williams as far as I know and this impression was strengthened in my own mind by a recollection of a conversation with Portlock and also with Mr. Ivy about boy Bill of which I have spoken.

Question by same. When Portlock conversed with you about Boy Bill did you have any reason to believe he was the Agent at the time of Ivy, in that matter or any other?

Answer. I had not .

Question by the same. Has the condition of the Farm known as the Book's Track materially changed for the worse since the sale and if so, what is the cause?

Answer. I think it worth one or two hundred less since the Sale. The fences have been suffered to go down and the farm exposed.

Question by same. When you speak of the value of the Land do you refer to its [illegible] fee simple value or [encumbered?] by any Dower right?

Answer. Yes.

Question by same. Are you aware that the lands were sold subject to Mr. William's contingent right of Dower?

Answer. I have heard so since and I have heard Mr. Williams say that his wife did not join in the deed.

Question by same. Would that circumstance [naturally?] alter the worth of the land, sold at the said Sale, in your opinion?

Answer. I cannot say it would alter it materially but of course it would alter some.

Question by same. Do you know the no of acres purchased by Portlock as the bequest of Ivy?

Answer. I do not.

Question by same. Was there not timber on the land?

Answer. Not that I know of.

Question by same. Was the soil fertile?

Answer. Yes. I believe some was fertile and some poor.

Question by same. Do you recollect bidding for the negro woman sold at the said sale?

Answer.  I cannot recollect.  

Question by same. Has not Thos Williams since your deposition was [illegible] intimated to you that you did bid at the Sale for the woman and that he shook his head at you not to bid.

Answer. Yes and he insisted I did bid.

Question by same. Was Ivy present at the Sale?

Answer. No.

Question by same. Were there many persons present at this Sale, and was sale made at the Courthouse door on a Court Day?

Answer. There were many present, and I think the sale was made on a Court day and at Public Auction. Reexamine by Plaintiff's Counsel.

Question. Who bid for the land bought by Portlock except Porklock?

Answer. I do not know.

Question by same. Do you know whether there was any person bid on the land except Portlock?

Answer. I do not think it was [knocked?] down at first bid.