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[left side of page] From what land were these [illegible] cut? Answer. I could not tell from what land they were [from?] Question by same. How long were Joy and Williams hands employed in getting lumber from Cook's Woods? Answer. That I don't know. Question by same. Don't you know Williams and Joy's hands were employ'd in getting Lumber in Cook's Woods? Answer. I don't know that they were employ'd in getting Lumber together. Question by same. Where did you live at the time you had the conversation with Joy? Answer. At little Creek, nearly a mile from Cook's Woods - on a strait corner through the Woods, or five miles around the road. Question by same. Were you frequently in Cook's Woods about the time you had the conversation with Joy? Answer. I was. Question by same. Whose hands did you see employ'd in Cook's Woods at this time getting Lumber? Answer. I never noticed whose hands they were getting work as there were a good many. Question by same. State whose hands you did see employ'd there? Answer. I did not know whose hands they were. Question by same. How many years since you had that conversation with Joy? Answer. [right side of page] I think about 8 years. Cross examined by Defendant's Counsel Question. Are you connected with Thos Williams in any way? Answer. Yes. I married his sister about 3 years ago. John [illegible] X his mark James Baker Witness The Defense William Mallo having been duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposes and says - Question by plaintiff's counsel. State what you know about any Lumber got out of Turner's Woods by Williams and Joy? Answer. I know that Cap'n Joy applied to me to buy what timber would suit him in my Woods. That timber he got haul'd off and paid me for. I also know he cut Timber in Turner's Woods and Mr Cook's. I know nothing of Joy's and Williams getting wood in [Warner's?] Woods. Question by same. Whose hands were employ'd in getting Lumber in your Woods at the time referred to? Answer. I can only recollect the name of one man belonging to either of the parties named [Toney?] in William's employ and one white man nam'd [Wood?] who superintend all the hands.