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4. Question by same. Can you exhibit a copy of that account; and if you can, please do so?

Answer I have not a copy of all the items of that account but I have here a statement of that account shewing the results and balances of that account. I think I could produce that account or a copy of it, upon searching among my books and papers. 5.

Question by same. Who furnished you with the materials for making out that account?

Answer. Mr. Williams who made the purchases here, brought me the bills of sale, and expenses incurred here, which I kept. Upon Mr. Ivy's return, he furnished me with the expenses and receipts for Louisiana, and with the curtails and discounts in the exchange back here. 6.

Question by the same. Do you know whether the $5000.00 borrowed at the Exchange Bank has been paid? and if yea, by whom it was paid?

Answer.- it has been paid; and to the best of my knowledge, by Mr. Ivy. I think Mr. Williams paid one of the discounts.- Mr. Ivy always attended to the Bank business when he was here; and sometimes the notes given in renewal had to be over for several days until Mr. Williams came into town in order to obtain his signature. I think it was during Mr. Ivy's absence that Mr. Williams paid the discount above mentioned. 7. In the account made out by you and rendered to the parties, what amount is credited to Williams N. Ivy for payments made at the Exchange Bank on account of the loan?

Answer. $7000. 8.

Question by same. Did Williams assent to the correctness of that credit? Answer. I have no recollection of his objecting to it. [Page] 2.