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9. Question by the same. When Williams paid the discount mentioned by you, to whom did he pay it?

Answer. I think he paid it to me, and I paid it in Bank; So I conclude from a memorandum in my possession. 10.

Question by the same. Please go home and examine your papers, and see whether you can find the papers connected with the settlement of Ivy and Williams; and if so, produce them. The further taking of the deposition is now adjourned until this afternoon 5 o'clock; at which time the examination is resumed.

Answer. the papers produced by me are as follows; 1. Bill of sale from John Gormley to Thomas Williams for girl Lizzie for $450.- (marked No. 1 & filed herein with) 2. Bill of sale from James Freeman to said Williams for negro man Jack for $765. (marked N. 2 & filed) 3. Bill of sale from Allen G. Buxton to said Williams for negro George, $800.00- (No. 4 & filed herewith). 4. Indenture of apprenticeship of Mills Hamblin a free boy to N.C. Whitehead assigned to said Williams; the amount paid for Mills time was $126.37. (No. 4 & filed herewith.) 5. Two bills of lading for the negroes purchased by Thomas Williams and shipped to Louisiana (marked No. 6,7, and 8.) 7. A paper shewing the items forming the aggregate amounts in the forgoing accounts. (Marked no. 9 and filed herewith.)