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Question by same. Did you see any conversation between Williams & Portlock on the day of Sale?

Answer. I heard nothing that passed between them but think I saw them in conversation as well, I recollect

Question by same. Did the communications to which you had reference occur between Portlock and Williams before, or after Williams told you not to bid on the land?

Answer. I think immediately after Williams conversation with me, he went to Portlock and conversed with him.

Question by same. Did you remark any other communication between Portlock & Williams at the sale?

Answer. I can't say that I did - I do not recollect.

Question by same. What conduct, of Williams was calculated to depress the Sale? Answer. By his running the property down, saying it was not worth what was bid for it U& persuading persons not to bid. Question by same. What became of the Negro woman immediately after the sale? Answer. I saw her at Thos Williams house after the Sale. Question by same. When did Portlock become the Agent to Mr. Ivy? Asnwer. I don't know. Question by same. When did you first understand that Portlock was the Agent for Ivy? Answer. As well as I can recollect it was, when the boy Bill was in jail upon the execution of Fentress.