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Question by same. When Bill was sold under Fentress execution, did anything [illegible] calculated to depress the Sale?

Answer. Nothing that I recollect, except that Portlock forbid the sale for Mr. Ivy, but I think I purchased the boy at his full value within a few Dollars. I afterwards sold him for $10 more than I gave for him which I thought was his full value. J. T. Jones Cross examination of Mr Fentress was resumed. Question by Defendant's counsel - Did you hear Williams at the Sale object to the sale of the woman and child because the child was not present? Answer. I did not. Question by same. How many Acres do you suppose were in the Tract purchased by Portlock? Answer. I don't know. Question by same. Was the tract well wooded? Answer. I have not been there for several years, and cannot say. It was once well wooded. Question by same. Do you know whether the land was sold subject to the rights of Dower of Williams' wife? Answer. No. Question by same. Was not the sale of the boy Bill forbid by Ivy as his agent and did you not execute an indemnifying Bond with J T Jones as Security before the Sale was made? Answer. The sale was forbid by Portlock as Agent for Ivy and I did execute just a Bond. Question by same. Did Jones purchase said Negro and did you defend the suit brought by MIllson [executive?] against said Jones for recovery of the Negro by paying counsel? Answer. Jones did purchase said Negro and I did pay Mr. R E Taylor $19.