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Of [hires?] $1619.47 which accrews [accrues] from hires in 1835 and 1840, were not recovered from D. [Sanford?] & Co. until 1844, at which [unintelligible] judgement was obtained for that amount without interest. This sum is one which should evidently be [unintelligible] in the [copay?] in [cook's?] account; but in as much as in [unintelligible] was not allowed after it, it could not be carried into the [unintelligible]. Certain without affecting the balances bearing interest- or in other [cooroo?] carrying interest [itself?]- and [unintelligible] as this period (31st Dec. 1844) closed the Bank transactions and included all [depts.?] & [unintelligible] on ape. [april?] of the forms it appeared the most proper time for closing the transactions of the firm in as much as it would then present a conclusion [unintelligible] which could not have been attained at an earlier period. It is only necessary to state in addition, that [Joy's?] [unintelligible] in Louisiana of $605.60 was sustained by a copy of the record in [suit?] [organized?] him for the value of [unintelligible] girl dizzie filed as an exhibit in this cause; and that the other items on the credit side of this [unintelligible] were taken from the paper marked [unintelligible] filed [curtly?]; the Depositions taken before notary Robinson. They are untimely for discounts and curtails in each year, and the only variation from that state meant (which was furnished by the exchange Bank, is in the amount of curtails & discounts for the year 1839; in which year I deducted from the amount of discounts, the sums which by ape. [april] assumed to have been paid by Williams instead of Joy.