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Deposition taken at the office of Watkins & Southall in the town of Farmville and county of Prince Edward on the 23rd day of April in the year 1847 between the hours of sun-rise and sun-set to the read as evidence in behalf the defendants in the case Henry Jackson an infant of tender years who sues by his next friend and guardian Pleasant Labby of the town of Lynchburg against Patrick H Jackson John H Smith & others, now pending or the chancery side of the circuit superior court of Law & chancery for the county of Prince Edward. Benjamin C Peters of lawful age being first duly sworn deposeth and answer the following question propounded by the atty of the defendants. Question - State whether you were well acquainted with James M Jackson during the years from 1837 to 1842 inclusive, and whether you knew any thing respecting the ownership of a negro girl named Grace and two other negroes said to have been purchased from Dr. Wm B Smith of Cumberland? Answer - I was well acquainted with Mr James M Jackson at that time and was Connected with him in business from 1834 to fall of 1839, and was a boarder in his house during a portion of that time. I never heard anything about these Negroes being the property of Henry Jackson until the year 1845, and I do not now recollect who then mentioned it to me. My impression always had been, that they belong to James M. Jackson, and the impression arose from a conversation had with Mr. Jackson soon after these Negroes came into his possession