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and from the fact, that during that time, they were always in his possession and under his superintendence, and never heard his ownership of them doubted or denied. My belief was that they were a gift to James M Jackson from his father in law Pleasant Partin Question by same What were James M Jackson's pecuniary circumstances from the time he procured these negroes up to 1841? Ans: He was possessed of large property and I believed him to be worth from twenty to forty Thousand dollars. Question by same Did Pleasant Partin ever interrogate you with a view of ascertaining whether you would be a witness form his grand son Henry Jackson in any controversy that might arise respecting these Negroes? Ans: He had a conversation with me some time since the introduction of the suit, and I told him substantially what Ii have stated above, and he requested to write him if I heard anything to strengthen the claim of his grand son. I promised to do so, but I have not written because I have heard nothing favourable to Henry Jackson's claim, although I have made some enquiries, and father this deponent sayeth not. B.C. Peters James B Ely of lawful age being first duly sworn deposeth and says, in answer to the follow queries by the Defts Counsel Question. Were you a citizen of Farmville at any time between 1834 and 1842. Were you or not acquainted with James M Jackson, and if so state whether the Negro girl Grace and two others in the possession of James M Jackson were thought to be his property or that of Henry Jackson? Answer - I was a citizen during that time and knew James M Jackson well. I recollect the time when these Negroes were purchased of Dr. Smith and my impression was from what I heard that they were purchased by Pleasant Partin for his daughter Mrs Jackson. I never heard anything said about Henry Jackson's having a claim upon them until now. I never knew that they were less liable for any of James M Jackson's debts than any other property he owned and further this deponent sayeth not. James B Ely Benjamin M Robertson of lawful age being first duly sworn deposeth and says in answer to the following interrogatories by Defts Counsel. Have you been long a resident of Farmville and were you intimate with James M Jackson and his family. And if so state whether you knew the Negro woman Mary and her two children Grace and Anthony. And if so whose property were they generally supposed to be?