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[torn page] before the Judge of the Cir. Supr Ct. of law and chy for Pr Edwd County; [torn page] Cir. supr Ct held for sd County, at the Ct. Ho. the 30 day of Sept 1847 [torn page] that heretofore to wit: the 13th day of Oct 1846, Harry Jackson an [torn page] of tender years who sues by his gdn and next frd. Pleasant Labby presented to Danl A. Wilson a Judge of the Genl Ct of Va his certain bill agts John H. Smith, Patrick Jackson, A. Vaughan, the President, directors & Compy of the Farmers bank of Virginia and James M. Jackson praying for an Inj on the grounds therein stated, which bill with the order of said Judge thereon endorsed, awarding an Inj. is in these words & figures to wit: Bill. And the plff having given bn & scty. a Spa & Inj. was awarded him returnable to Jany Rules next; which Spa. appears by the return of the Sheriff thereon endorsed, to be duly served on the deft. At rules taken in the clerk's office of the sd Cir. Supr Ct of law and chy, in the mo of Jany and Feby 1847. This suit was cont'd for the defts to file their answers. At rules taken in the Clks office of sd Cir. Supr Ct of law & chy in the mo of March 1847. The deft having been duly served with the Spa, & Two mos having lapsed since the retn day thereof and they not apprg & answering the bill; On the mo of the plff by Counsel, this Cause is set down for hearing. At a cir. supr ct. of law & chy. held for sd Co. the 26 day of Apl 1847. On the mo of the deft. John H Smith leave is given him to file his anr, to which the plff [replies?] generally. Answer of the deft John H. Smith. at the same Ct. contd & held for said County the 28th day of Apl 1847 On the mo of the defts Petn Jackson and A. Vaughan leave is given them to file their answers; to which the plff [replies?] generally. Answer of the deft Patrick Jackson. Exhibits filed with the anr of Patrick Jackson. Deed 1. Notes & recr 2.3.4 Answer of the deft A. Vaughan. And now at this day to wit: at a Cir Supr Ct of law & chyl. held for said County the day & year first mentioned. This cause in which &c p.7. Depositions filed in the Cause. Eliza Partins depo taken at the law office of Mosley & Speed in the Town of Lynchburg, by adjournment, on the 12 March 1847. 1 Qusten &c. Jean A. Long depo taken at same time & place 1st Quest by Plff Counsel Please state &c