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1. To the Honorable Judge of the Circuit Court for the County of Prince Edward. Humbly complaining sheweth unto Your Honor, Your Orator Edward Williams that in the year 184[blank] he was the owner of five likely and valuable slaves to wit. Sally a woman about 28 years of age. Paulina about 14 years. Jane about 10 years. Munroe about 8 years and Indiana about 4 years of age- the last four of whom were of one family - and mulattoes - that at the same time he had become somewhat Embarrassed in his pecuniary affairs and was then pressed by some of his creditors and was therefore anxious to raise money, but Your Orator was unwilling for particular reasons to part with said slaves unless he could make some arrangement by which he should be permitted to redeem them. In this state of things he offered to sell the said slaves to some of his neighbors and indeed was about doing the trade with one of them, when a certain John Stevens hereinafter named as Defendant to this Bill proposed to purchase the said slaves from Your Orator. Your Orator told him that the only terms upon which he would consent to sell them to him were that they should be returned to him whenever he should return to him Stevens the purchase money. The said Stevens came under this obligation and promised to give your orator a writing to that effect. And Your Orator agreed to sell the said slaves to said Stevens for the sum of $800 on these conditions - altho' the said slaves were at that time worth in the market more than double that sum. He accordingly executed a Bill of Sale and delivered the said slaves to Stevens. At the time this was done Your Orator did not receive the purchase money or any part thereof but the said Stevens undertook to pay for Your Orator debts amounting to about $500 and was to pay him the balance of the money at some other time. Your Orator was never at any time accustomed to transact business of importance