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The answer of John Stevens to an amended Bill filed by Edward Williams in the Circuit Court of Prince Edward County against him. This Respondent saving all benefit of exception to said amended and original Bill in this cause for answer to said amended Bill or so much thereof as he is advised it is material he should answer, says that he again takes upon his answer to the original Bill filed in this cause as an answer to the amended Bill as far as it applies and says that he denies the truth of the said amended Bill from beginning to end so far as the allegations are material; he denies that the plff has made the allegations contained in his amended Bill "upon much thought on this controversy;" this Respondent denies that he ever made a promise to the plff to state in writing on the Bill of sale which the plff executed to this Respondent for the said slaves, that the plff should have the privileges of redeeming them at the sum of $800; he denies that he ever wrote or signed or ever authorized any person for ^[illegible]^ to [illegible] or sign an endorsement on the back of the Bill sale to the effect stated by the plff as follows "The negroes redeemable by Nat Williams (meaning the plff) at $800" 4th June 1845" nor any words to any such effect such an indorsement is now on the back of the Bill of sale from the Plff to this Respondent but he says that was not there whilst that paper was in his possession nor as to the time that that paper was filed in the Clerk's office in the suit of Bradley as Respondent where that paper has remained ever since to this time the paper was filed in that suit on the 15th day of September 1841 and this Respondent does not remember to have seen it from that time until about the first of August 1852 after the filing by the pltt of his original Bill in this Cause, when this Respondent called at the office to ascertain from that paper