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2) [redeem] the negroes but I have heard Mr Williams [speak] of the conditions of the trade between [illegible] and John Stevens for the negroes here in before [mentioned], often after 1845, and in the fall of 1848 Mr Williams applied to myself and Thomas H Averitt for the Loan of $800. to redeem the negroes before mentioned then in the possession of John Stevens and offered to give a deed of Trust to us on said Negroes to secure us for the advancement until he could refund the amount advanced. Williams stated at the time of this application that he had a bond from Stevens conditioned for the redemption of the said slaves upon the payment by him of $800. dollars by him to Stevens. At that time Williams did not have the Bond with him but stated that he would provide it in a few days shortly after he brought this bond before mentioned up to Averitt Mittauer & co store the said Bond was substantially as follows - "I John Stevens bind myself to return to Ned or Nat Williams five negroes Shally, Paulina, Jane Munroe and Indianna, upon payment to me (John Stevens) of $800 dollars witness my hand and seal this [blank] day [blank] 1845 John Stevens (seal) The bond aforesaid was in the hand writing of John Stevens. I have seen him write and I am familiar with his hand writing, having often seen it and living in his neighbourhood. The Bond before referd to remained in my possession for several days and was exhibited by me to many persons who said they were familiar with Stevens handwriting and that they regarded the Bond and handwriting to be that of the said John Stevens 3) the before mentioned Bond was shown by me to Wm S King, Saml D Rodgers John W Rodgers Geo J Booker Edwin H Bass and Thomas H Averitt who were all of the opinion that the Bond was in the hand writing of John Stevens being well satisfied in my own mind that the Bond was genuine I told Williams to bring Stevens to my and I would pay him the money and take the deed of trust on the negroes Williams went strait from Averitt Mettauier & Co Store to Capt Stevens' House in a few moments I heard loud talking in Stevens yard and in a short time Stevens came down the road toward the store of Averitt Mettauer & Co and Witness walked out to meet him and did meet him nearly opposite Kings Tavern in the road witness then told him what had passed between Williams and himself and told him that the then had the Bond in his possession and exhibited it to him Stevens denied the genuineness of the Bond but witness notwithstanding his denial told him he believd it to be genuine and believes so still witness offered him $800 dollars in discharge of Williams' Bond which he refused to accept Stevens refused having to accept the $800. in discharge of the Bond witness told Williams that he would have nothing more to do with the Controversy between him and Stevens and he handed it to Williams and Williams gave it to Mr Samuel D. Rodgers to keep for him in whose hands he saw it several times after Capt Stevens is not a very accurate speller Do you know when Edward Williams house was burnt Answer, I do no know what year but it was burnt about the time he moved to where