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4) he now lives. Did you at any time take copies of any papers or depositions in the case of Bradley vs Stevens in the clerk office of the Circuit Court of Prince Edward County and if so state of what papers you took copies and if so who was present and who had knowledge of the fact also whether you are interested in the result of the suit now pending between Stevens and Williams Answer Some time during the summer of 1852 by request of Edwin H. Bass I took in the clerk office a Copy of a deposition given by Edward Williams in a suit of Bradley against Stevens Branch Worsham Jr being informed by me that Mr Bass requested me to get a dopy for him of the above mentioned deposition, got the paper for me and gave me permission to take a copy of the deposition Mr William S King was present at the time and a part of the time read the deposition while I copied it that was the only paper I ever copied or asked for filed in the suit of Bradley against Stevens. I am in no way interested in the suit now pending between Williams & Stevens were you present when Edwin A Bass tendered Capt Stevens $800 in gold in discharge of an obligation from Stevens to Williams to give up the negroes to redeem the negroes when he refunded the cost ($800 which he gave for the negroes at first) and if so state where he got the gold from to make the tender? I did see Mr Bass make a tender of $800 in gold to Capt Stevens to discharge the obligation above referred to. The Gold he procured from the Farmers Bank at Farmville for the purpose 5) through the instrumentatlity of Wm C Flournoy Esq. and further this deponent saith not. E. M. Mittainer The deposition of John W Rogers of lawful age taken at the same time and place to be read as evidence in the same suit: This deponent having been first duly sworn deposeth & saith in answer to interrogatories follows to wit: Question by plfs. Counsel: Do you know anything of an obligation executed by Capt John Stevens to Edward Williams in 1845 or any other time to return certain slaves to Williams upon payment by him to Stevens of $800. If you do, state all you know about the matter? Answer: My son Saml D Rodgers brought into me one night a refunding bond and asked me to keep it for him. He said that Ned Williams had given it to him to keep. I Kept it until the next morning. I told him that he had better keep it himself or give it to some one else that I might mislay it among my papers and might not be able to find it when wanted and I gave it to him. I afterwards saw him in Arnett Williams & Co Store in company with Edward M Mittainer, Geo J Booker Thomas H Arnett and others with the same paper. What they did with it I do not know. It purported this "Know all men by these presents that I John Stevens do promise to let Ned Williams have Shally Paulina Jane Monroe Indianna back again when he shall pay me the purchase