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page 1st The Deposition of Francis J. Mittaner of lawful age, taken at the clerks office of the county of Prince Edward on this the 4th day of November 1852 between the hours of 7 in the morning and 5 in the evening agreeably to notice to be read as evidence in a Chancery Suit depending in the Circuit Court of Prince Edward County in which Edward Williams is plaintiff and John Stevens is defendant. The deponent being first duly sworn deposes and saith in answer to sworn questions Question 1 by defts counsel. Did you at any time see a paper in the hands of Edward Williams or as exhibited by him the plaintiff, purporting to be executed by John Stevens the deft conveying to the said plff the right to redeem certain Slaves purchased by said Stevens of said Williams, and if so state when, you saw it and every thing concerning the said paper which you recollect? Answer I did see the paper above alluded to in the possession of John W Rodgers, sometime in the autumn of the year 1848 I think it was. Ques 2d. by same. Did you remark the handwriting particularly and the spelling of the name of John Stevens, and did you or not think the paper written by John Stevens and signed by him? Answer I did examine the handwriting as carefully as I could. In fact I visited Capt Stevens, & got him to sign his acceptance of an order, (given me by the Treasurer of H. S. College) for the express purpose of comparing his signature with that of the paper in question. After comparing the two I did not think that Capt Stevens had written the paper. The word John was spelled Jon. Stevens I think was spelled correctly. Ques 3d by same. Who was present when you made the examination and did you express your opinion of the paper freely at the time? Answer: There were several persons present but I do not recollect certainly who with the exception of John W Rodgers.