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4th page paper, purporting to give him the privilege of redeeming the said negroes, witness asked him if he was still holding that "old paper," Williams replied that the was and that it would get his negroes yet by it, witness then looked at the paper and it was not the paper shown him three or four years previous, Williams afterwards deposited the paper last seen with a negro in the Mill of William S. King, and after the death of the negro this witness, got the paper from where the negro deposited it and handed it to William S. King who tore it up. Ques. by deft counsel: Do you know when the house in which Williams formerly lived was burnt, and whether Williams had moved all of his property and effects before it was burnt, and how long? Ans. I lived within three or four hundred yards of the house in which Williams formerly lived, and knew very well when he moved out of the house, and knew when the house was burnt, and that Williams had moved out of the house & from the place, with all his goods and effects, one week before the house was burnt, and nothing was left there of William's except an anvil that was in the yard, as Edward Williams told this witness himself And farther this deponent saith not Samuel J Hurt The deposition of Joseph Todd Sr taken at the same time & place between the same hours be read as evidence in the same suit as the foregoing depositions. Witness being first duly sworn deposeth and saith: Ques 1st by defts counsel: Do you know any thing of the purchase & sale between Edward Williams the plff and John Stevens the deft. of the slaves Sally, Paulina, Jane, Monroe & Martha (sometimes called Indiana) and if so be pleased to state all you know about it made in the year 1845? Answer. I had the management of a debt 5 page due from Edward Williams to George W. Pollard, that on the 18th of March 1845, John Stevens and Edward Williams called on me, that Stevens proposed to me to execute his bond to Pollard for the amount of the debt, provided I would wait until Christmas for the money I immediately agreed to the proposition and Stevens then remarked to Williams I am ready to close the bargain for the negroes at the Eight hundred dollars as I had made an arrangement with Todd for your debt and requested me to meet them at the back room of the court house with my claim, I did so, and Stevens executed to Pollard his bond for the amount of Pollards debt against Williams, Stevens executed several other papers as I understood to be a bond to Saml C Anderson for abut forty dollars a bond to George Bradley for about fifty dollars and a bond to Thomas Williams for Sixty four or Sixty five dollars, I do not recollect to have read any but the bond to Pollard but understood the amounts to be as above. These several bonds were debts due from Williams to those several persons, those bonds were not sufficient to absorb the Eight hundred dollars, and Stevens told Williams he would pay him the balance as he stood in need of it, to which Williams consented. I see my name subscribed to a bill of sale from Williams to Stevens, I do not at this time recollect to have read it, but am very sure I would not have subscribed my name as a witness, without the acknowledgement of Williams in my presence. The bill of sale to which my name is subscribed is dated on the 18th of March 1845 signed by Edward Williams and purporting to convey the following negroes Sally, Paulina, Jane, Monroe & Martha to John Stevens: My recollection at present is that at the time the bill of sale was made that Eight hundred dollars, was the full value of the negroes. My recollection is, that Stevens told Williams, that he might have the woman Sally for nothing. I bought the woman between 1820 & 1823 of Denny Lacy for