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6 Edward Williams for the sum of one hundred dollars on a credit of Twelve months, she was then just grown, she had a very sore leg when I bought her, the ankle much larger than any other part to the Knee, and I considered a permanent defect, and I bought her and sold her as an unsound negro. Question by deft by counsel. State if there was any condition in the sale of any agreement on the part of Stevens, that Williams might redeem the negroes at any future time, made at the time of the sale of which you have spoken? Ans. There was none. As soon as I had agreed to the arrangement proposed by Stevens, Stevens turned to Williams and said I am now ready to close the bargain at the Eight hundred dollars, which I could not do unless Todd would wait with me to which Williams assented. Ques by same: Did you know Steven's circumstances well, and was he in any condition to load money to any body? Ans: I did not consider that Stevens had any money to lend but always thought he was a man that paid his debts whenever he had any money. I had been intimate with Stevens for fifteen years. Ques by same Suppose John Stevens had have had any money to lend was Williams such a man as that he probably would have loaned it to him? Answer. I considered Stevens a very prudent man and I did not think that any prudent man would lend Williams money. And further this deponent saith not Jos. Todd Senr The deposition of George W Bradley of lawful age taken at the same time and place to be read as evidence in the same suit. This deponent being first duly sworn deposes and says, that in the early part 7 of the year 1845 the plff Edward Williams came to the house of this deponent, and informed this deponent that a Judgment had been obtained against him by Joseph Todd and that an execution had been levied on one of his negroes, and desired this deponent to pay off the execution and take the negroes, that is he desired to sell all the negroes viz Sally and her four children to this deponent for the amount of the execution. This deponent refused to accede to the proposition of the plaintiff, because he did not have the means, the plaintiff afterwards repeatedly came to this deponent and desired him to assist him in some way so that the negro should not be sold by the sheriff, at length after many and repeated solicitations of the plaintiff this deponent applied to the defendant John Stevens, to Know if he would take the negroes and pay off the execution, at first the defendant refused to have any thing to do with the matter, afterwards (perhaps the next day) this deponent again applied to the deft in relation to the same matter, and informed the defendant that he believed he could get time on the execution, afterwards this deponent and the plff had several conversations with the defendant, when the defendant and the pltff made a trade for the Negros, the defendant agreed to pay the pltff eight hundred dollars, the deft assuming to pay the execution before spoken of and another small debt due