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was executed. Question by same. Do you know when what day of the week and what [illegible] Prince Edward County Council comes on and also on what day of the month the superior council of the county comes on? Answer. The country council comes the third Monday, I do not know what day of the month the superior council comes. Question by same. Did you or dad [illegible] [illegible] in the [illegible] of the same day that you [illegible] the [illegible] of [illegible] to the day for the [illegible] and [illegible' or before you [illegible] the and [illegible] of oath, [illegible] to the [illegible] a [illegible] oath for the same [illegible]? Answer. If I had, I do not {illegible] and for when this [illegible] [illegible] not.

Edward Williams taken, [illegible] and sworn to before be this 15 Sep 1847

[name] Jones

A copy [illegible] [Name]

Bradley v. Stevens Copy deposition of Ed. Williams