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was executed. Question by same. Do you know upon what day of the week and what week Prince Edward County Court comes on and also on what day of the month the Superior Court of this County comes on? Answer. The country court comes the third Monday, I do not know what day of the month the superior court comes. Question by same. Did you or did you not in the morning of the same day that you executed the bill of sale to the deft,. for the said negroes or before you executed the said bill of sale, execute to the plff a bill of sale for the same negroes? Answer. If I did, I do not recollect it. And further this deponent saith not. Edward Williams Taken, subscribed and sworn to before be this 15 Sept 1847 Nathl Jones A Copy Teste B. J. Worsham C C Bradley v. Stevens } Copy deposition of Ed. Williams