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(4) and oppression, that was ever Inflicted upon mankind.

8th. Resolved, That it is our greatest wish and Inclination, as well as Interest, forever to continue our connexion with, and dependence upon the British government; But tho we are its Subjects, we will use every means, which Heaven hath given us, to prevent our becoming its slaves.

9th. Resolved, That there is a premeditated design and system, formed and pursued by the British Ministry, to Introduce an arbitrary Government into his Majesty's American Dominions; to which end they are artfully prejudicing our Sovereign, and Inflaming the minds of our Fellow Subjects in Great Britain, by propagating the most malevolent falsehoods; particularly that there is an intention in the American Colonies, to set up for Independent States; Endeavoring at the same time, by various acts of violence and oppression, by sudden and repeated Dissolutions of our Assemblies, whenever they presume to examine the Illegality of Ministerial mandates, or deliberate on the violated rights of their Constituents; and by breaking in upon the American Charters, to reduce us to a state of desperation, and dissolve the Original Compacts, by which our ancestors bound themselves, and their posterity, to remain dependent upon the British Crown; which measures unless effectually counteracted, will end in the ruin, of both Great Britain and her Colonies.

10th. Resolved, That the several acts of Parliament, for raising a Revenue upon the people of America, without their consent; the creating new and dangerous Jurisdictions here; The taking away our Triall by Juries; The ordering persons upon criminal accusations, to be tryed in another Country than that, in which the Fact is charged to have been committed; The act Inflicting ministerial Vengance, upon the Town of Boston, and the two Bills lately brought into parliament, for abrogating the charter of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, and for the protection and encouragment of murderers in the said Province, are part of the above mentioned iniquitous system. That the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston are now suffering in the common cause of all British America, and are justly Intitled to its support and assitance