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(5) assistance; and Therefore that a Subscription ought immediately to be opened, and proper persons appointed in every County in this Colony, to purchase provisions, and Consign them to some Gentlemen of character in Boston, to be distributed among the poorer sort of People there. 11th. Resolved, That we will cordially Join with [illegible] of this and the other Colonies, in such measures as shall be judged most effectual, for procuring a Redress of our Grievances; and that upon obtaining such redress. If the Destruction of the Sea at Boston, be regarded, as an Invasion of private property, we shall be willing [to] contribute, towards paying the East India Company the value; But as we Consider the said Company as the Tools and Instruments of Oppression in the hands of Government, and the cause of our present distress, It is the opinion of this meeting, that the people of these Colonies should forbear all further dealings with them; by refusing to purchase any of their Merchandize, untill that peace, safety and good Order which they have disturbed, be perfectly restored. And that all Tea now in this Colony or which shall be imported into it, shipped before the first day of Septr next, should be deposited in some Store House, to be appointed by the respective Committees of each County, untill a Sufficient sum of money be raised by Subscription, to reimburse the owners, the Value, and then to be publickly burnt and destroyed; and if the same shall not be Paid for, and destroyed, as aforesaid, That it remain in the custody of the said Committees, at the risque of the owners, untill the act of Parliament imposing a Duty upon it for raising a Revenue in America, be repealed; and immediately afterwards be [delivered?], unto the [several?] [proprietors?] thereof, their Agents or attorneys. 12th. Resolved, That nothing will so much Contribute, to defeat the Pernicious designs of the Common Ennemies of Great Britain & her Colonies, as a firm union of the latter; who ought to regard every act of violence or oppression, inflicted upon any one of then, as aimed at all; and to Effect this desirable purpose, that a Congress should be appointed, to consist of deputies from all The Colonies to concert