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(6) concert a General & uniform plan for the Defence and preservation of our common rights, and continuing the connection and dependance of the said colonies upon Great Britain, under a just, lenient, permanent, and constitutional form of Government.

13th. Resolved, That our most sincere & cordial thanks be given to the Patrons and Friends of Liberty in Great Britain, for their spirited & Patriotic conduct, in support of our constitutional rights & priviledges, and their generous efforts, to prevent the present distress & calamity of America.

14th. Resolved, That every little jarring interest & dispute, which has ever happened, between these Colonies, should be buried in eternal oblivion; that all manner of luxury and extravagance, ought immediately to be laid aside, as totally inconsistent, with the threatening and gloomy prospect before us; That it is the Indispensable duty of all the gentlemen & men of fortune, to set examples of temperance, fortitude, frugality and Industry; and give every encouragement in their power, particularly by subscriptions & premiums, to the Improvement of arts & manufactures in America; That great care and attention, should be had to the Cultivation of Flax, cotton and other materials for manufactures; and we recommend it to such of the Inhabitants, who have large stocks of sheep, to sell to their Neighbours at a moderate price, as the most certain means of speedily increasing our breed of Sheep, and quantity of wool.

15th. Resolved, That until American Grievances be redressed by restoration of our just rights and priviledges, no Goods or merchandize whatsoever ought to be imported into this Colony, which shall be shipped from Great Britain, after the first day of September next, Except Linnens not exceeding fifteen pence pr yard, coarse woolen cloth, not exceeding Two shillings Sterling pr yard, nails wire and wire Cards, needles & pins, paper, saltpetre, & medicines, which may be imported, untill the first day of September, one thousand seven Hundred & seventy six. and If any goods or Merchandize, other than those hereby excepted, should be shipped fr[om] Great Britain, after the time aforesaid, to this Colony, that the