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This 1st day of December 1817 Mr. John Ganneway Jr came before one of the Commonwealth Justices of the peace for the county of Buckingham & made oath that about the middle of August 1807 Marmaduke Ganaway of said Cty delivered me his negroe man Jacob whom I delivered to his brother in Tennessee. The Circumstances are this my brother purchased the above slave who proved a bad character & thought it expedient to exchange him. Shortly after the delivery of said slave my brother made the exchange in Tennessee-where he had been ever since working at the carpenters trade. I further testify that Jacob was a negroe of a bad character and was frequently stealing and running away and that Marmaduke Ganneway had considerable sums of money for jailors fees and otherwise and the negroe which he has got in exchange for Jacob is a valuable carpenter who would be great use providing he could bring him into this state as said Marmaduke Ganneway follows the carpenters trade at this time. Sworn to before me the day and date above written

William Evans