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negroes into the state of Kentucky that he never had any intention himself of ever settling in that Country. The painful to your petitioner to relate the cause of this separating; the motives which influenced his mind were marked by the recollection of a long experienced affection for a wife & large family for upwards of Thirty years, from consideration of the purest human nature; your petitioner (again begs leave to inform your Honorable Body) he was induced to consent to the carrying slaves; without the limits of his state; to which he feels himself permanently attached, since the removal of your petitioners wife into the state of Kentucky; it has been the will of providence to convey her spirit to its immortal Home, from the passage of a law of a former legislature, prohibiting the introduction of slaves into this state; your petitioner is deprived of the benefit of returning the aforesaid slaves, an evil which your petitioner seriously & greatly feels; should not your Honorable Body grant him relief, as they are the only slaves that he possess and which he feels the usual attachment for; from being raised by him and in the family, your petitioner therefore Humbly and most confidently hopes, that your Honorable Body will Bi-2 pass and Act permitting him to remove aforesaid slaves back again into this state; without incurring any of the pains or penalties under the law prohibiting the introduction of slaves into the State, and your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray Henry Martin Bi-3