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To the General Assembly of Virginia now assembled The undersigned citizens of Jefferson & Berkeley counties most respectfully represent that by the last will & testament of the late Sebastian Eaty decd of the county of Jefferson aforesaid he emancipated a certain negro man named "Harry Richardson" aged about 42 years, having made no provision for his removal from the State of Virginia and whereas the several Free States are now enacting Laws to prevent emigration of colored people thereto and having known the said Harry Richardson for a number of years believing him to be honest, industrious and well disposed, do most respectfully petition your honorable Body to enact a law allowing the said Harry Richardson to remain in the commonwealth during good behavior of him the said Harry. And as in duty bound we will ever pray &c March 27 1852. [left column] John F Smith, William O. Maconghtry, David Farnsworth, [illegible] Duffily, Jno H Cambpell, John Marshall, George Murphy, N.S. Shaule, Saml W League, John H Moody, L.A. Bates MD, Joseph L Granthand, Jas W Morison, Jefferson John, Jno B Gruber [right column] John B Shaul, Nathan Barnes, John H Sherman, Bartholomew Shaul, David Ogden, Ephrain Hasbett, Jno G Shirely, Michael Coulman, Peter Crim, John C. Niceley, Abner Bell, S.S. Winghim, Thomas Homor, John W Clendining, Peter Smith Turn Over