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To the Honourable the Senate and House of Delegates of Virginia in the General Assembly Covenant: The petition of the undersigned citizens of Lancaster County, respectfully sheweth that some eighteen or twenty years ago James Corsey, a free coloured man of this county purchased an interest in a tract of land then held by Edward Payne as tenant by the curtesy and some years afterwards died without legal heirs, that lately the said Edward Payne has died and his life estate having terminated those entitled in remainder to the said tract of land have filed a bill in the circuit Court of this county for a sale of the said tract of land and a division of the proceeds of sale among them. The interest purchased by the said Corsey in the said land was our undivided third part thereof. The escheator of this County has instituted the proper proceedings to [lean?] the said land, on the said Corsey's interest them in [escheatue?] to the Commonwealth for want of him of the said Corsey, and upon the inquest thus taken it has been found for want of him the said Corsey his interest in the said land has escheated to the Commonwealth.  The said escheater has also filed a petition in the said Chancery cause pending as aforesaid for the sale of the said land and a distribution of the proceeds of sale, claiming one third of the said land or the proceeds of sale thereof for the Commonwealth, by virtue of the request taken and found as aforesaid. Your petitioners further state that the said Corsey was at least three fourths white, that he was