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much esteemed and respected by the citizens generally of the County to whom he was known, that he conducted himself in most respects well, and associated mostly with the white people of his neighborhood and was free from the vices and bad habits to a very great extent of the free negro population. That he formed a connection with a white woman, with whom he lives as his wife for many years and by whom he had children to wit [blank]

That though never married to her because their marriage was prohibited by law, they lived together it is believed in entire conjugal fidelity to each other, and always recognized the above name children as his. nor has a doubt ever existed on the minds of any that they were his children. Your petitioners farther state that the wife of the said Corsey, if they may so call her, and his children have since his death lived together as mother and children and conducted themselves so far as your petitioners have ever head with much propriety, virtuously and respectably, that they all now pass as white people and are recognized as such with and among them with whom they associated one of the children (a daughter) has actually intermarried with a white man and is now residing in this county with him, and your petitioners think that although by reason of the illegitimacy of their birth they can not inherit the estate of their father, and though the same on the accounts escheated to the Commonwealth, yet that justice requires that they should have it, that if their was any fault committed by their father, by which