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they have been deprived of the rights, which otherwise they would have had, it was not their fault and they ought not to be made to suffer for the sins of their father and they pray that the interest of the said Corsey in the said tract of land being the interest of John Payne thence purchased by Corsey in his life time and paid for by him, and which has escheated to the Commonwealth may be by the Commonwealth, by the appropriate act of the legislation given to his children aforesaid to be equally divided among them, and that the circuit court of Lancaster may be authorized to decred to them one third of the proceeds of the sale of the said tract of land, being the interest of John Payne, purchased by said Corsey in the tract of land lately held by Edward Payne for life as tenant by the curtesy and which descended to the children of the said Edward Payne his wife [blank] Davenport from her, being her maiden land, and which is now sought to be sold and distributed among her heirs in a suit pending in the circuit of Lancaster County in the name of Jeffries against Garner and others and your petitioner was in duty bound will pray &c James P Saunders, Wm H Saunders, John M Dannon, John A Rogers, A L Carter, Peter K Lampkin, Thos Forester, Elias B Bunt, Jos G Roberts, Wm T Jesse, Saml Gresham, Richd Mitchell, Julius W Mitchell, James Ransome, Sam Rains, Saml P Grisham, Jame Marsh, W W Headly, S L Mtichell, F D Tines